Out-Of-The-Box Savings

Instant Advantage helps customers engage suppliers in minutes with out-of-the-box catalogs.

Instantly Available rapid onboarding for dozens of suppliers globally
Deeper Savings driven by the purchasing power of $4T of Coupa Community Spend.
Trusted suppliers that are continuously vetted for quality, reliability, and coverage.
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Community Sourcing Events

Sourcing Advantage harnesses the power of pooled spend and community bargaining to maximize both savings and service levels with expertly run collective sourcing events.

Maximize Category Savings
Reduce Sourcing Workload
Optimize Quality and Terms

Three Reasons to Get Coupa Advantage

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    Deeper Category Savings

  • Reduce Sourcing Workload

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    Supports Diversity Spend

Coupa Cares Supported by Coupa Advantage

Coupa Cares is Coupa’s social responsibility program that supports different causes around the world. From volunteer work to supporting organizations we are passionate about, Coupa aims to give back to its local communities. The Coupa Cares program is supported by supplier proceeds generated by Coupa Advantage.

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Start Saving Today

The Coupa Advantage team is here to help every step of the way to ensure your company's success in the program. From savings analysis to introduction, implementation, and sourcing events, our team is here to support your savings goals.

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