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LFP Logistics Group


LFP Logistics Group is a Full-Service 3rd Party Logistics Company

We have a network of more than 150k less-than-truckload and 50k full-truckload carriers. We offer a comprehensive, hands-on, concierge approach to creating specific solutions for clients to include warehousing and storage. We have the capacity to provide creative and specific managed transportation solutions for Coupa Advantage members that have multiple locations where they ship, (LFP can provide 1 solution, 1 system, for multiple locations). We are an authorized agent of GlobalTranz. This means that we have the back-office support of a multibillion-dollar operation that services many companies that exceed $500M in revenue.

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Punchout catalog

Channel for buyers to access a supplier's e-commerce site from their own procurement system.

Instant Advantage

Instantly available punchout catalogs.


Supplier supports electronic invoicing.

Coupa Pay / v-card

Supplier supports receiving payments via Coupa Pay.


Supplier is enabled on Coupa's proprietary technology that gives the buyer the ability to search for a single item across multiple punchout catalogs in real time.

Sustainability & Diversity
MWBE supplier

Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise

Tier 1 diversity option

Supplier sells directly to customers.

Tier 2 diversity option

Supplier sells directly to a Tier 1 supplier.

Sustainable / Eco-friendly option

Sells goods/products with environmentally friendly materials.


Women Business Enterprise

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